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The Modern Alternative Religion

1. Introduction 2. The Climate Gospel
3. The Feminism Gospel 4. The Equality Gospel
5. The Anti-Racism Gospel 6. Links

1. Introduction

The modern popular key-issues, the effect of CO2 on climate, feminism, the struggle for equality and the fight against racism, have distinct religious features, all of them require an intense believe and a denial of experience and basic logic.

Religious knowledge differs from knowledge gained from experience, because - as a rule - it can not be proven. One can only seek to convince oneself of its truth by examining the minds of one's own and others making sure that the religious statements fit with one's feelings and sensations, and one can compare the different statements and messages of the religious teaching to convince oneself that they are consistent.

Young Americans in climate demonstration

Believing young Americans in climate demonstration. Most young people are not very concerned about the truth, they just feel that the climate-attitude fits well into their social profile. Photo Common Dreams.

Human religions throughout the ages have had the purpose to reconcile individuals with death by the conviction that there is something that stands out over the individuals, which, as a common faith, bind them together into a society. They feel convinced of the truth of religion, because also all the others in their community believe, and so many cannot be wrong, they feel. The individual wishes to be accepted and be part of a safe community.

Today, many Danes have turned their back to the established church. They are nominal members, but they never or very rarely come to church, they never pray and they do not think of the salvation of their souls. They also feel elevated to a national community with the other common Danes and consider this harmful old-fashioned nationalism.

A half-empty church

A half-empty church. Photo Livenet.ch.

But humans need shared values and common beliefs, and therefore many have turned to the modern religions, believing we are all sinners, because we by our overuse is the cause of the CO2 emission that causes irreparable damage to the climate; Feminism, which states that the two sexes are equal and the same, and women should be a kind of men; Equality, which is the belief that all human beings within are the same; Anti-racism, which assumes that Hitler's werewolves is still among us and lurk in all adult white men.

Like traditional religions, the alternative modern religion is based on faith rather than experience. When one argues for the believers, they will most often not react with counter-arguments. They will become angry and shiny in their eyes and return with a shower of defamatory accusations for different -isms.

2. The Climate Gospel

The sacred text tells us that CO2 is a greenhouse gas that allows the short-wave solar rays to pass the atmosphere and thereby warm the surface of the Earth, while not allowing the long-wave heat-radiation of the Earth to escape to space. This allows the heat to enter but does not allow it to escape again, much like the glass in the gardeners' greenhouses. Then the theory tells us that the rising CO2 content in the atmosphere is man-made, and in recent times the planet's average temperature is said to increase with countless climate changes and natural disasters as consequences.

Climate activists

Believers in climate demonstration. Photo Friends of the Earth.

The devoted followers of the CO2 theory, again and again, emphasize that human activities produce this increased content of CO2 in the atmosphere and thus cause climate disasters - also in the future. This makes us all sinners - which is a parallel to Christianity's original sin. As the kings of the past always remembered to honor God in their speeches, modern politicians can not make a speech without respectful to mention the atmosphere's CO2 content and the climate. The message is repeated in infinity of an army of believers, including journalists, teachers and cultural personalities.

One can get absolution by driving in electric cars rather than cars with internal combustion engines, not to fly and in general consume as little as possible, since any production emits CO2.

Non-believers are labeled as climate-deniers.


The greenhouse effect is assumed to function as follows: The sun's short-wave rays penetrate the atmosphere and heat the clouds and the earth's surface. The now heated bodies try to send the energy back to space in the form of long-wave radiant heat, but some of it is stopped and captured by the atmosphere's greenhouse gases, especially CO2 - Therefore, one should assume that the atmosphere would be heated by the energy thus absorbed, but it has never been measured; all heating takes place at the ground level. It has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments that CO2 has a greenhouse effect, but the effect has not been detected in the atmosphere; It is only assumed that it exists. Drawing: University of Copenhagen's physics lexicon.

The CO2 religion generally has explanatory problems with scale.

It is quite undoubtedly true that the greenhouse effect is found in some solid materials and gases. It is also true that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. But the greenhouse effect is probably not very strong, the CO2 volume in the atmosphere is insignificant and the human contribution to this very small volume is also quite marginal.

A now-deceased American physicist, Dr. R.W. Wood, tested the greenhouse effect in practice. He got produced two identical test greenhouses. One was made of glass (silicon dioxide - that evidently has a greenhouse effect) and the other was made of another transparent material that allowed light and radiant heat to pass at all wavelengths. They were both placed in the sunlight. The temperature in both test boxes rose to about 55 degrees Celsius, however, so that the test box with glass walls became about one degree warmer than the other box. The conclusion was that heating in greenhouses especially is due to the fact that the transparent outer walls allow the sunlight to warm the interior of the greenhouse and the outer walls prevent the heated air from slipping away. The actual greenhouse effect was present but contributed only with a very small part of the heating. We can assume that CO2 in the atmosphere also has a greenhouse effect, but it is probably very small and not measurable.

Earth's atmosphere today contains about 360 ppm CO2, which is 0.036 in volume percent. That is 3,6 ten-thousand parts, which is a very insignificant part of the atmospheric air. The firm belief that a marginal change in this very small volume can increase an already insignificant greenhouse effect and thereby make the Earth's temperature rise or fall clearly shows the religious character of the CO2 theory.

Atmospheric CO2 content and temperature through the geological periods

Temperature and atmospheric content of CO2 through the geological periods. It is seen that there is no eye-catching correlation, which indicates there is no cause-effect relationship. From scotese.com

In addition, in earlier geological periods, the CO2 content of the atmosphere has been much larger without having a proportional effect on the temperature of the globe, which also indicates that CO2's greenhouse effect is quite insignificant.

Further, the point in the sacred CO2 theory is that it is the man-made CO2 that threatens our safe existence.

Atmospheric content of CO2 comes mainly from volcanoes, and the amount discharged is very difficult to measure. Estimates of the volume of discharge from specific volcanoes can vary by more than 100%, and in addition come emissions from submarine volcanoes, which volume is not known. Nobody knows how much of the CO2 in the atmosphere, which is created by humans. It is - very significant - a matter of faith. It is probably a fairly small proportion.

It is predominantly likely that variations in Earth's temperature to a greater extent are the result of factors others than atmospheric CO2 content, such as variations in solar radiation, shifts in cloud cover, altered ocean currents and altered albedo due to increased or decreased ice cover, altered vegetation and increased urban development.

3. The Feminism Gospel

The sacred text, which is preached daily by politicians, teachers and media, says that men and women are completely alike and equal. They are equally strong, equally intelligent and have completely the same distribution of personal characteristics; The only differences are that women have some insignificant and purposeless accumulation of fat on the chest, and men have an overvalued flap of skin in the groin, called penis.
Feminist throws her bra

A feminist activist from the sixties throws off her bra. The bra was considered a symbol of the patriarchal oppression. Photo Bundescentrale fur politiche bildung.

Unbelievers will without hesitation be labeled as sexists and old-fashioned patriarchal rulers. Only men can be sexists.

Reversed sinners can be forgiven by repenting, not only on their own behalf but on behalf of all other historical men that ever existed. In addition, by dressing and language use they must all time clearly indicate that they do not belong to the historical group of patriarchal rulers.

When we face another person, we are fully aware of whether this is a man or a woman. But in stark contrast to the reality that we experience every day, the true believers have embraced the doctrine that men and women are identical and equal. They also cultivate the absurd idea that it is a personal choice if you want to be a man or a woman.

The vast majority of life on Earth reproduce by sexual reproduction, which means that within each species are two sexes, which are different in appearance and in physical strength and have different innate behavior. At all higher species - lions and tigers, horses and donkeys, whales and dogs and others - are individuals born either male or female, and they continue to be males or females to their day of death. Only in very low-standing organisms such as snails, rainworms and mushrooms, the individuals may be either male or female after the circumstances.

Humans are a highly developed species, which is clearly divided into two sexes. Men are stronger and more action-oriented than women. Only women can give birth. Everyone knows that men rival for women's love, and women measure against each other on their ability to seduce and manipulate men. During whole life, men fantasize about women and sex, while women dream of an exciting life in status and wealth, loved and coveted by high-status men.

Sexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction at elephants and lions. Photo youtube and barkmat.minstyrke.

George Orwell invented newspeak, which contains the word doublethinking, which is the ability to have two mutually exclusive attitudes at the same time. The modern religious feminist dogma that women and men are alike are part of such a doublethinking.

Extremely few people doubt that there is something called women, and something called men, and most use a long time and much energy to think and dream about persons of precisely the opposite sex - women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Yet, they do not have any problems listening to and even expressing the absurd statement of faith, which says that women and men are equal and alike and there is, in fact, no particular difference. One might as well claim that the two magnetic poles are the same and identical.

4. The Equality Gospel

Equality has gained an ever stronger moral superiority. All must be equal - women and men, muslims and christians, teachers and students, young and old, lazy and industrious, rich and poor. Any modern political program or manifesto must necessarily include a declaration that this group or party seeks equality. The program or project will be evaluated to what extent it creates equality. The desire for equality is often expressed by phrases like "everyone is equal in worth".

The French Revolution

Equality is a political slogan or phrase that anyone can use to represent their own individual dreams and disappointments - for who or what should be equal and in which way? Political slogans attract many voters as they provide room for all sorts of dreams, just think of Obama's "change" and the Social-Democratic slogans about solidarity and community.
Many assume that for the French revolutionaries Equality meant that the nobility's and priesthood's privileges should be abolished so that all became equal - at least in terms of privileges. But the master of terror, Robespierre, had more far-reaching ideas: "It is not enough to have overthrown a throne, our intention is to raise the Holy Equality on its ruins".Drawing from TFP Student Action.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the US Declaration of Independence from 1776: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,". What he really meant with this nobody knows. It was probably an open political phrase, into which anyone could put their own individual dreams and disappointments without being disturbed by reality.

Logically, equality is a relation between more than one persons, things or concepts; But it is not enough to write that the persons A and B should be equal, one must also indicate in what respect these two people should be equal. Should they be equally tall, equally beautiful, equally rich, equally intelligent or what?

All our experiences tell us that people are not at all created equal - in the meaning alike. Some are born as women, others as men. One can be born beautiful as a movie-star and another may be less appealing. One can be tall and athletic and another small and slender. Some are born with aptitude for intelligence, and others not. Some have pronounced innate aptitude for aggressiveness and others to a lesser degree. Even identical twins are not completely alike.

Adonis and Quasimodo

Some are born beautiful and others less beautiful. Adonis was a young man in Greek mythology, famous for his beauty and loved by the goddess Aphrodite. Quasimodo is a fictional person from Victor Hugo's novel "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame", in the film of the same name played by Charles Laughton. He is a small hunch-backed watch-bell-ringer that the priests found and adopted. The word Quasimodo means "deformed", and the name also refers to the deformed appearance of the bell-ringer.

The political phrase "Nobody is worth more than others" - in different variants, has a similar problem because "value" is a relation. A person or product can not only have value because he or it must, with logical necessity, have value for somebody. .

A businessman can have a stock of products. They can not only have value, but they must also have value for somebody, and it is the task of market analysts to find these chosen few out there on the market, who have a particular fondness for these particular products.

Terms such as "Muslims are worth as much as the rest of us" is quite meaningless feel-good phrases when it is not indicated who value them.

Some may think that equality means that everyone should have equal opportunities, perhaps in the sense of starting life at the same starting point. It's a good thing to strive for, but it is hard to realize. Humans come to the world under different circumstances; some are born in well-to-do families, and others are born in less wealthy families and must get all their experiences themselves without a network of personal connections. It is certain that a child born in a wealthy academic family is in a far better position than a child born of parents who are alcoholics and drug addicts.

Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron is a science fiction novel by Kurt Vonnegut from 1961. It describes that by the year 2081 all Americans by law are declared completely equal. Nobody must be smarter, more beautiful, stronger or more athletic than anyone else. The General Handicapper Office's agents enforce the Equality Act, which forces people to wear "handicaps": masks for those who are looking too handsome, headset speakers that disturb the minds of those who are too intelligent, and heavy weights for those who are too strong and athletic. Harrison Bergeron is a beautiful, intelligent, brave and athletic teenager of fourteen years; One day in April he will be removed from his home due to violation of the Equality Act. He is subsequently shot for open screen by the General Handicapper Office's leader. Photo: Relentless Magazine.

Moreover, some people are simply luckier than others, and by complete chance, they find themselves in the right place at the right time.

Nothing and nobody is completely alike. Every tree in the forest is unique and different from the other trees, and any snowflake in a snowstorm is different from the other millions of snowflakes.

It's better to play with the cards one has received than to dream of what one could have won if the cards were given more "equal".

If we all have to be completely equal and identical, it is not enough to achieve a political majority in Parliament - we must turn to a higher level of power. We must go to church and ask God to correct his mistakes and send an update to his creation.

5. The Anti-Racism Gospel

The struggle against racism is the most important of the gospels of modern religion. Its popularity within the religion is comparable to Christianity's Christmas Gospel. The fervent believers see racists everywhere in a similar way as witches were revealed everywhere in the Renaissance. The racism card is the final trump that can end any discussion with a paralyzing accusation.

Ethnic types

Ethnic types - or let's say races - from "Man past and present" by Augustus Henry Keane, 1833-1912. The struggle against racism is a dispute about the emperor's beard. It is clear that children tend to inherit their parents' properties including physical appearance and the different genetic characteristics are originally distributed geographically so that each area has its own distinctive character. In antiquity and ancient times that was called races, but modern ethnologists and other researchers have difficulty using this word about people. Therefore, it is often called subspecies, subgroups or ethnic types. However, races exist, in dogs as well as humans; It is just a matter of choosing words.

The dogma of modern religion states that all people are equal and alike. Although their physical appearance is different - some being black, brown or white, small or large - all the Earth's people are alike within with regard to personal qualities. Inside, "we are all human beings" as it is said. Therefore, we must "value" all people - that is, all the people of the Earth - equally.

Most of the planet's other species - dogs, cats, apes, etc. - can be divided into different breeds with different properties and physical appearance. But humans are a unique exception, it is claimed. Here is only one race and that is humans. Anyone can tell the difference between an African and a Scandinavian, but the faithfuls are expected piously to close their eyes and pretend they are alike.

Human races are a myth, the prophets of modern religion say. There are certainly people with different skin colors and bodily features, but these nuances have nothing to do with other attributes such as intelligence, aggressiveness and physical strength.

Anti-racist demonstration

Anti-racist demonstration in England. The modern believers are often very self-righteous. Photo Mykawartha.

Man is a social species, just like other social animals such as apes monkeys, baboons and wolves. We are genetically designed to function in a manageable group of familiar faces. We love our own - our family and people of our own kind - more than strangers, which implies - in other words, that we value our own kind more than strangers.

UNESCO's Racism Declaration of 1978 turns us all into racists and sinners: "Any theory which involves the claim that racial or ethnic groups are inherently superior or inferior, thus implying that some would be entitled to dominate or eliminate others, presumed to be inferior, or which bases value judgments on racial differentiation, has no scientific foundation and is contrary to the moral and ethical principles of humanity" Because- of course we impulsively love our own higher than strangers.

As discussed above, value is a relation. A product or a person can not only have value, but it or he must necessarily have value to somebody.

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