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We meet from time to time and discuss this and that. We will never fall out with each other. We leave the course of history and the matters of the state to the politicians, the generals and Him up there. We are only interested spectators.

Danish Version We live in a free country, and anyone can say what he wants.
In order to give possibility for reflection, we have a paper.
Below are listed the articles, which so far have been translated into English.
Afstand i index 600 A confession from the Authors of Dalum Hjallese Debate Club

Afstand i index 95

Bent Hansen


Human Nature

1. Man's Social Nature
2. Determinism or free choice
2. Western Civilization

Eigil Hanke


Sixteen Arguments against Feminism

Eigil Hanke


Denmark's History

1. Cretaceous
2. Tertiary
3. Pleistocene
4. Reindeer Hunters
5. Maglemose Culture
6. Kongemose Culture
7. Ertebølle Culture
8. Neolithic
9. Bronze Age
10. Pre-Roman Iron Age
11. Roman Iron Age
12. Gothic Language and Early History
13. The Goths in the Roman Empire
14. The Goths in Spain and the Arian Faith
15. Danes, Heruls, Angles and Jutes
16. Germanic Iron Age
17. Early Viking Period
18. Gorm the Old
19. Harald Bluetooth
20. Sweyn Forkbeard
21. Harald Svenson
22. Canute the Great
23. Canute Hardicanute
24. Magnus the Good
25. Sweyn Estridson
26. Harald Hen
27. Canute the Holy
28. Oluf Hunger
29. Erik Ejegod
30. Niels the Old
31. Erik Emune
32. Erik Lam
33. Svend, Knud and Valdemar
34. Valdemar the Great
35. Canute the Sixth
36. Valdemar the Victorious
37. Erik Ploughpenning
38. Abel
39. Christoffer 1
40. Erik Klipping
41. Erik Menved
42. Christoffer 2.
43. The Kingless Period
44. Valdemar Atterdag
45. Oluf 2.
46. Margrete 1.

Bent Hansen


Democracy Pro et Contra

1. Plato's Critique of Democracy
2. Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
3. John Stuart Mill on Liberty
4. Emergency Law and Prerogative
5. Of Prerogative - by John Locke
6. Six Arguments against Mass-democracy
7. Comment on the Parliamentary Election 2019

Eigil Hanke
Bent Hansen


The Political History of WW1 and WW2 - after Patrick J. Buchanan

1. Origin and Course of WW1
2. Prelude to WW2
3. The Course of WW2

Bent Hansen


The Origins of the Second World War - after A. J. P. Taylor

1. Thoughts of Two World Wars
2. The Treaty of Versailles and the Munich Settlement
3. Hitler was an Opportunist
4. The Hossbach Memorandum
5. Moral Values Contra Real Policy
6. The Game on Danzig

Bent Hansen


The modern alternative Religion

Bent Hansen


Karl Marx and a Criticism of Marxism

Bent Nyholm Nielsen


An Analysis of Political Correctness

Eigil Hanke


A Freudian Explanation of the Industrial Revolution

Arvid Bengtson


History of Earth's Climate

1. Precambrian
2. Paleozoic
3. Mesozoic
4. Cenozoic I Tertiary
5. Cenozoic II Pleistocene
6. Cenozoic III End of Pleistocene
7. Cenozoic IV Holocene

Bent Hansen


1. Danish Politicians are Preparing for Greenland's Breakaway
2. The United States wants to take over Greenland

Bent Hansen


The Art of Passing a Personality Test

1. Personality Test is important for Career
2. Anxiety and Over-Confidence
3. Cattell 16PF Scales
4. Eysenck Type Personality Test
5. Rorschach's Inkblot Test
6. Ten Rorschach Cards
7. TAT and Test of Ambition Level
8. Lüscher's Color Personality Test
9. MBTI - Myer Brigg's Type Indikator
10. Practical Test Behavior
11. Political Correctness Originates from the Unconscious Mind

Arvid Bengtson


Overpopulation - The Global Challenge

Eigil Hanke


John Maynard Keynes

Keynes in main Points
A Short View of Russia -1925
End of Laissez-Faire -1926
Auri Sacra Fames -1930
National Self-Sufficiency -1933
An open Letter to President Roosevelt - 1933

Bent Hansen


A Criticism of Economic Liberalism

Bent Nyholm Nielsen


The Austrian Economic School - Pro et Contra

Bent Nyholm Nielsen


Globalisation - Pro et Contra

Bent Nyholm Nielsen


Oligopoly - The Market Form of the Present

Bent Nyholm Nielsen


The Human Needs are not Infinite and Insatiable

Bent Nyholm Nielsen


Sacred Values as the Foundation of Society

1. Society's Values
2. The Original Kingdoms
3. The Christian Kingdoms
4. The Sacred Values of the French Revolution
5. The Sacred Values of Socialism
6. Democracy itself as the Sacred Value of Society

Eigil Hanke


On the Trail of the Danes - In Asia

1. The Aesirs Came from Asia
2. The Meaning of "As"
3. The Indo-Europeans
4. Refugees from the Plains in Europe and China
5. The Dwarfs were from China
6. Similarities Between Danish and Chinese Language
7. Similarities in Heraldry and Construction Style
8. The Qin People
9. Tarim Basin I
10. Tarim Basin II
11. The Yuezhi People
12. Place-names in Asia and Scandinavia
13. Xiongnu and the Wusun People
14. The Xianbei Peoples
15. Who were the Jaets?
16. A brief History of Denmark
17. The Qi Dan People
18. The White and Superior's Great Land

Bent Hansen


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